Troy Driver is accused of shooting and killing Naomi Irion before burying the 18-year-old's body in a remote part of Nevada, according to court documents.

Lyon County District Attorney Stephen Rye also wrote in the amended criminal complaint that was filed on Tuesday that Driver disposed of his truck's tyres to try to cover up the crime, reported Fox News.

The complaint alleged that Driver, who is also accused of destroying Irion’s cell phone, buried her body between March 12 and March 25 as he wanted to conceal the murder.

Irion died from gunshot wounds to the head and chest, said the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office, according to Kolo8. The Sheriff's office said in a statement that the investigation was still ongoing.

The crime started on March 12 at 1550 E. Newlands Drive, the Walmart in Fernley where Irion was kidnapped, as per the complaint. The suspect is also charged with burglary and robbery. He is also accused of driving off in Irion’s car with her inside on March 12. The alleged crimes took place at various locations in Eureka, Lyon, Churchill, Pershing and Humboldt counties, according to the complaint.

After getting a tip, investigators reached a remote area in Churchill County. There they found Irion's body buried in a grave on March 29.

On March 25, Driver was arrested on a kidnapping charge, but now faces open murder and other charges. According to News4, Driver's pre-trial hearing, which scheduled for Tuesday was pushed back. This happened after Judge Lori Matheus approved a joint stipulation from the deputy district attorney in Lyon County and the defense attorney. His bail was set at $750,000 last week by a judge. Driver, who previously spent more than a decade in prison for his role in covering up a murder and robberies in the 1990s, is now scheduled to face court on May 10.

Last August, Irion moved to Nevada from South Africa, where her American parents are stationed. Casey Valley, her brother who she lived with in Nevada, previously said that his sister was "very interested in the American way of life." He added that she "really wanted that independence and freedom and everything that America has to offer."

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