Kate Middleton has been fulfilling her duties and serving the British monarchy since marrying Prince William in 2011. The duchess, future queen consort, possesses all the royal qualities one can have — beautiful, stylish even before becoming a duchess, with good family background, educated and down-to-earth.

Despite true princess characters, she is never exempted from the worst and harshest comments. Below are the nastiest comments said online about Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Waity Katie

Many speculate that Kate had planned her royal future years ago. The duchess first crossed paths with Prince William when they were just nine years old. Kate dropped her dream university, the University of Edinburgh, after news announced that Prince William will attend St. Andrews.

Friends and family were shocked when Kate risked her college dreams by applying to St. Andrews, whose application soared high that year. On top of that, Kate applied for the same program as Prince William’s. Fortunately for Kate, the odds worked in her favor.

It seemed that Kate’s last-minute decision to move to St. Andrews was worthy. The prince noticed Kate as he was captivated by her beauty, and the two started dating.

The two dated for a while but broke up in 2003, quickly patched things up and then broke up again in 2007. The couple made up again, but Prince William had not asked Kate for an engagement. The public called Kate “Waity Katie” for waiting so long for Prince William to pop the question to her.

Lazy Katie

Following the engagement announcement in 2010, Kate dropped her job to prepare for her royal future ahead. Thus, “Waity Katie” turned into a not-so-kind title “Lazy Katie.” One must not forget that performing royal duties is a real and full-blown professional job. The criticism described Kate as someone who “lacked ambition,” and even the Queen warned Prince William about not announcing their engagement until Kate has a full-time job.

Princess for Breeding Heir

What use is an ambition or a full-time job when all you are set for is to look pretty, attend charity balls and produce an heir? These are what exactly Kate’s role as a Duchess of Cambridge is as perceived by some royal critics.

English author Hilary Mary Mantel described Kate in a lecture at the British Museum as a machine-made princess with a plastic smile whose sole purpose is to give birth. Currently, Prince William and Kate have three children and are said to be open about having a fourth child.

Lacking Charisma

One of the harshest comments given to Kate came from Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell. Burrell compared Kate to different people he has met personally, including mother-in-law Princess Diana, the Queen, Mother Theresa and Pope John II. Kate, despite being one of the most stylish icons at present and being admired in the whole world, lacks magic and charisma, according to Burrell.

Spoiled Brat

Kensington Palace’s decision to send Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Australia, Canada or Africa for royal duties allegedly favors Prince William and Kate. The House of Cambridge wants the spotlight for themselves, one news said, as the House of Sussex’s current public status is overshadowing them.

The news, whether confirmed or rumored, seemed to have triggered reactions, including from Twitterverse. Someone called the royal couple spoiled brats and accused Kate of changing her designer to look as modern as Meghan. The tweet also compared Meghan to Diana while Kate to Camille Parker Bowles.

Kate Middleton Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visits the Scouts' headquarters at Gilwell Park to learn more about the organization's new pilot scheme to bring Scouting to younger children. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images