Natalia Jimenez takes Jenni Rivera’s music closer to her fans and pop music lovers that haven’t had the opportunity to listen to Banda music in the new anticipated album “Homenaje A La Gran Señora,” which was released last Friday.

Jenni’s music was love, passion and truth. So, singing one her songs is truly a commitment to these feelings and without a doubt a challenge that Natalia has accepted and completed it amazingly.

Jenni Rivera "La Diva De La Banda" confessed to her Chiquis Rivera, to be a fan of Natalia Jimenez. Getty Images

The “Algo Más” singer has been a Jenni fan since she moved to Mexico more than a decade ago from Spain. On a recent interview with Billboard, she confessed that having a blend between Banda music and pop is perfection, and she was right.

The album “Homenaje A La Gran Señora” has 12 songs with Mexican soul reinvented on a modern way but with Jenni’s soul from the beginning to the end.

“De Contrabando” is one of our favorites; on this track Natalia sounds angelical while she sings the lyrics “Aunque sea de contrabando, aunque sea de vez en cuando pero amame.” The drums and the guitar on the song, make the perfect match with the trumpets and saxophones that we are used to listen on the Banda genre.

On “Ya lo sé” and “Amiga Si Lo Ves,” Natalia gives a soulful vocal performance on two possible major singles that could easily run into Billboard’s charts for their catchy arrangement.

Jenni's classic hits “Por Qué No Le Calas” and “La Gran Señora,” were turned into ballads that could perfectly remind us of “La Quinta Estación” style when Natalia debuted her hit singles “La Frase Tonta De La Semana” or “El Sol No Regresa.”

Before the album was a reality, Jimenez wanted to have La Diva de La Banda’s family acceptance so she made them join the project including Lupillo on “Chuper Amigos,” a version that maintains the country Mexican essence; and Chiquis who sang on a Banda version of “Ovarios.”

For “Tu Camisa Puesta,” she made a strong pop/rock version that is super attractive and speaks out the main idea of the whole material. This one is very Natalia. 

Natalia’s ability of singing Rancheras has been noticed in the past, but this time we can really feel that there was no coincidence when she decided to go to Mexico and embark into a new journey of herself as an artist. Definitely, she simply belongs to Latin America.

Thumbs up! 9/10 for “Homenaje A La Gran Señora.” Not a copy of Jenni’s music but a very professional way to pay tribute to La Diva de La Banda.