Natalie Morales Chair Prank: Watch The 'Today' Host Sit On A Human Chair [VIDEO]

Natalie Morales
Natalie Morales joined the "Today" show in 2006. Creative Commons

Nobody is safe for April Fools' Day. Ask NBC's "Today" host Natalie Morales, who fell for an elaborate chair prank on Monday's edition of the show.

Magician Rich Ferguson was a guest on the morning talk to present his favorite pranks for the day, and the bubbly presenter was his preferred target. His favorite trick was none other than disguising himself as a chair and scaring the innocent people who tried to sit on him.

After co-host Matt Lauer introduced the segment on April Fools' Day, clips rolled in which crew members and guests sat on the Ferguson chair -- including Morales herself.

Watch the presenter shriek and laugh here.

The magician also performed other more accessible tricks with face spiders on paper rolls and knotting drinking straws.

Later, both Morales and Martha Stewart seemed horrified when an on-air proposal seemed to go very wrong. A man asked his girlfriend to marry him, and the woman broke down in tears and told the cameraman to cut away.

To the bewildered Stewart, the couple said that they were a real-life marriage from Improv Everywhere.

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