We've got 20 great gift ideas your boss will love to receive on National Bosses Day! Shutterstock

It's that time of year again, when employees show their appreciation to their bosses on National Boss Day. The secular holiday is celebrated traditionally on October 16 in the United States, Canada, Lithuania and Romania. It's the perfect day to demonstrate to your boss that he or she has been understanding, kind and fair throughout the year. The day was created by Illinois-based secretary Patricia Bays Haroski after she registered "National Boss' Day" with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1958. It's purpose is to strength the bond between the employer and the employee.

Whether you have the "best boss ever" or the "worst boss ever," showing your gratitude on their special day is always a good idea. Here are 20 of our favorite last-minute gift ideas which will make any boss smile ---and get you on their good side!

1) 2016 Desk Calendar

Save them time and buy your boss a 2016 desk calendar!

2) Mobile phone bike mount

bike mount
Does your boss bike his or her way to work? Say no more and get this for them ASAP!

3) "Humans Of New York Stories" Book

Nothing says a good read and great coffee table book like the "Humans of New York Stories" book!

4) Glass collection

You can never go wrong with an elegant glass collection, which your boss will most probably use at their next gathering. Shutterstock

5) Wine Chiller

wine chiller
Speaking of gathering, how about a wine chiller for their finest wine? The Sharper Image

6) Scented candles

Nothing is more soothing than candles. Your boss will love a relaxing atmosphere with the smell of fresh pine tree or pumpkin spice! Shutterstock

7) Paperweight

A paperweight always comes in handy at the office!

8) 2016 monthly planner

monthly planner
Your boss will appreciate a monthly planner, especially if they are very organized. Shutterstock

9) Cord organizer

cord organizer
We'll buy one for our boss, and one for us!

10) Restaurant gift card

gift card
When in doubt? Get your boss a restaurant gift card!

11) Edible arrangement

An edible arrangement is another delicious way to say thank you!

12) Amazon gift card

amazon gift card
Who wouldn't love an Amazon gift card? It surely comes in handy!

13) Journal

Bosses always need a place to jot down ideas and notes. A journal is it!

14) Unique office supplies

Check out this amazing see-through/gold stapler. There's also pencil holders and tape dispensers!

15) Nice keychain

You never know just when your boss will need a new keychain for their office keys! Shutterstock

16) Business card holder

card holder
Your boss will probably need a secure place to hold his or her business cards.

17) An elegant pen

How elegant does this pen collection look? We're loving it and so will your boss!

18) Desk organizer

desk organizer
A tidy boss will definitely appreciate a desk organizer set. Shutterstock

19) Cool bookends

Who doesn't love to keep their books in place with cool-looking bookends that can brighten an office space?

20) A beautiful desk plant

Why not add life to your bosses desk with a beautiful plant? Shutterstock

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