If logic professed itself in every situation, horrible bosses wouldn’t exist. Or else how would you explain that someone who is less competent, quite unintelligent and, very much a horrific person, got that far? On the other hand, there are no better teachers than good bosses; they are showing us how to grow in the real world, while being competent, trusting, reasonable human beings; such a privilege to come by. Here are some bosses that make you wish you were never born and some that make you wish you'll become like them:

The Growth-Blocker: Some bosses get really comfortable with their best employees and want them to stay put where they are. Now, in most cases, this happens when someone’s doing a phenomenal job solving their boss’s life. Shouldn’t the boss want that person to grow? You ask. Yes, they should.

The Micro-Manager: It’s funny when bosses hire people they don’t trust. Okay, not funny, more like really weird. This type of boss needs to be cc’ed on every email and will never let you make decisions on your own. They control your every move and need to know where you are and what you’re working on, every second. Fun, huh?

The Credit-Thief: How convenient, right? You do all the work and when your boss presents in the big meeting, all you hear is “I, me, mine,” and you see them bow at the end when everyone’s clapping. It’s really hard to respect someone who lacks the confidence to recognize his team’s efforts.

The Class-Clown: Well, they’re far from classy and are not clowns, but they think they’re so funny. This kind of boss puts people on the spot and makes super inappropriate jokes, a type of bully if you will; it’s very hard to keep it professional with these.

On to the good ones:

The Cool-Kid: This boss is not only awesome, they work hard, they lead by example, and they’re great to be around. Since they’re so cool, they have no complexes, or feel easily threatened. You want to be this person when you grow up. Yes, even if you’re 50.

The Result-Er: These bosses are a variation of the cool kid. As expected in any job, you have to produce results, and that’s all these bosses care about. I’m not saying they don’t care if you rob a bank to get the money, but if you have to take a day off, or go on vacation, they’re fine with it. They trust you will show them results.

The Mentor: This boss is a teacher at heart, and probably the best one you’ll ever have. They have vision, wisdom and great judgment; they never see people with potential as threats, but as opportunities to grow with them and help them go further. You also want to be this person when you grow up.

The Motivator: A great boss to be around because he believes in himself and his employees. They are constantly boosting the team’s moral with good news, goals and inspirational thinking. When these bosses see they can trust you, they will fight for you and help you go the extra mile every time. They’ll make you want to prove them right.