Hot dogs
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Even though we think there’s no better excuse to enjoy a juicy hot dog on a hot summer day, there is: National Hot Dog Day. The holiday is also a great opportunity to raise money for charities whilst combining large quantities of sausages, bread, ketchup, mustard and onions. Naturally this delicious day comes to us during grilling season, and even though there’s no right way to enjoy this treat, we have plenty of ideas to give your dinner a little kick with a Latin twist tonight!

The Latin Kitchen’s Chilean Dog ‘Completo’: The ‘completo’ (complete) probably got its name from the fact that it offers complete nutrition to the eater. It is mostly served with tomatoes, mayo, and avocado/guacamole. Sometimes however, it is also served with ketchup, mustard, and “aji” - a Chilean hot pepper. Check it out!

About Food’s Salchipapas: This street food name is a combination of the words ‘salchicha’ (sausage) and ‘papas’ (potatoes). The dish has become very popular in many parts of Latin America, especially in Peru, and kids and moms love it. Check out how to make them at home here.

My Colombian Recipes’ Colombian Hot Dogs: With every sauce included (mayo, mustard, ketchup,) these wonderful concoctions are topped off with smashed potato chips for flavor and texture. Amazing!

Pillsbury’s Crunchy Nacho Dogs: These are basically a dream come true. Wrapped up hot dogs in crescent dough, cheese and nacho chips are the perfect idea to treat yourself once a year. Add chipotle for the adults’ table! Check them out here!

From Brazil To You’s Cachorro Quente: A not-too-distant cousin of the chili, this hot dog’s topping includes ground beef with cumin, garlic and peppers, plus shredded cheese. And yes, they’re as juicy as they sound!

Fine Cooking Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dogs: Just imagine everything you love trapped inside a fluffy bun. Fresh-made salsa verde, avocado, juicy tender hot dogs wrapped in bacon and ooey gooey cheese. Need we say more? Check them out!

Food Network’s Texas Dog: Ok, maybe not Latin but very much southern; give your hotdog a twist with a touch of BBQ sauce, and some coleslaw. Check out the recipe here.

Community Table’s Chipotle-Bacon Hot Dog Bites: Yeah, if you’re not drooling already, you will in a few seconds. These bites are definitely as heavenly as the sound since the recipes also calls for brown sugar to balance out the smoky flavor. The result? Sweet, salty, juicy hot dog bites. Recipe here.

Comida Kraft’s Avocado and Tomato Hot Dogs: Sometimes less is more and these simple and easy to make hot dogs also represent the Mexican flag (ok, sort of). But try a fresher take on this dish and include some fresh veggies for the kids. They’ll love them!

The Latin Kitchen’s Grilled Hot Dog Tortas: It’s like a Mexican sandwich and a hot dog had a baby and wonderful things happened. Using bread similar to a ciabatta or a telera, you distribute the hot dogs evenly and add avocado, refried beans and crema. Delicioso!

Chelsea’s Messy Apron Chili-Lime Mango Salsa Hot Dogs: This tangy and fresh idea will give your hotdogs a bright, sweet kick. But don’t worry there’s ketchup and grilling involved. Check out the recipe here.

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