A mother has perplexed the internet by uploading a photo of her daughter sinking into concrete, or at least that's what the picture looks like.

The little girl seen in the optical illusion has only her body up to her waist visible in the picture. Her bottom half seems to be mysteriously disappearing into the ground that borders a grassy space.

The mother was baffled by the image and decided to publish it online to see if anybody else could figure it out, but she was quickly swamped with comments from others stating it had 'melted their brains,’ Mirror reported.

Some, on the other hand, were able to discern what was going on and promptly called it out in the comments, so can you figure it out?

The image, which has over 70 thousand likes, displays a little girl clothed in pink playing on a device, but half of her body has vanished into the pavement. “My daughter, where is the rest of her?” wrote the mother in the caption.

Most readers couldn't figure it out, prompting one to write, "Great one, OP!" I'll admit it took me a while to get to the comments on this one, and I still struggled."

Readers with keen eyes saw that the little girl was, in fact, sitting on a lower sidewalk constructed of the same material as the raised garden wall, the Independent reported.

To add to the confusion, the girl has her elbow elevated to the same level as the bigger platform, giving the impression that she is sinking into the pavement. However, even after comprehending the phantasm, a few of the users struggled to articulate exactly what they were experiencing.

While optical illusions are known to deceive the mind, another viral video had also terrified netizens. A photo of a young girl with excessively skinny and long legs standing in the middle of the ground was shared on Facebook by the official account of addiction rehabilitation advocate Christopher Ferry, The Indian Express reported.

Others found the result frightening, while some felt terrible for the girl, believing it to be an anomaly. The missing piece of the jigsaw, however, turned out to be in the caption of the photograph. “A little girl poses with a popcorn bag.”

Optical Illusion, Museum of Illusions, Canada Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST /Unsplash

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