New Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo has announced new 3DS hardware. Nintendo

Early today at a Japanese only Nintendo Direct broadcast the company revealed new 3DS and 3DS XL hardware. The new device will tote a plethora of new features notably a new analog control stick, more computing power, a new button along with NFC support for Amiibo integration. The device will also come with changeable cover plates.

The right analog trigger is located above the right-hand face buttons. Due to the buttons placement it appears gamers will have to reply on shoulder buttons for quick input when utilizing the second stick. Additionally the new 3DS incorporates a third back trigger button, the ZR button, located for use with the new analog stick. Check it out below:

New 3DS button. Nintendo
New 3DS back button. Nintendo

The new 3DS console comes in both regular and XL size with dimensions similar to the current-generation models. Aside from the new buttons Nintendo has revealed a wider 3D viewing angle than previous consoles, resulting in less image blurring when viewed from the side.

More new features for the new 3DS include: an automatic brightness adjustment sensor, Micro SD card slot, improved cameras and colorful face buttons. The New 3DS will be available in Japan October 11, 2014. No official US date or European date has been revealed but reports suggest the console won't make it state side until early 2015. Check out the introduction video for the new 3DS below:

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