As new footage of Gabby Petito’s last hours before her death was publicly released, a body language expert claimed that the footage showed her looking ‘scared’ and ‘exhausted,’ among other attributes, before her untimely death.

The footage, showing her with her boyfriend and alleged killer Brian Laundrie at a Whole Foods in Wyoming hours before they drove to the Bridger-Teton National Forest, shows Petito being “small” while Laundrie appeared “cavalier,” body language expert Susan Constantine said to the press, according to Fox News.

“She felt very small,” Constantine said. “You could see it in her whole body language: her shoulders are always more scrunched over, she’s holding herself, her stride and everything.”

A part of the footage shows Laundrie rubbing his nose before entering the building, which Constantine claimed is a sign of aggression on his part, though she claimed that his body language inside the store was “very casual” and not indicative of someone planning to murder their partner, Yahoo! News reported.

“Any time they rub their nose it’s just agitation,” she said. “So, when you’re irritated and frustrated, you sometimes scratch your nose. “When they were walking around in the store, it seemed very casual to me. I didn’t see anything in there that would’ve led me to believe that this would have led up to him murdering her. I didn’t see that.”

When questioned about why this could be despite the despondent body language of Petito, Constantine surmised, “Abusers don’t abuse in front of other people. They abuse when they’re in their own space, and they’re protected, where other people cannot see — like in the car outside. “It doesn’t look like a close relationship there, a loving relationship,” she continued. “There’s space between them. There’s no connectiveness.”

Despite this, she said that Petito’s body language showed that there wasn’t enough of an indication in the procedures to believe that she knew that there was a threat between her and Laundrie. “If she were feeling threatened, she would not have been staying as close to him as she was,” Constantine said. “I see her more as a victim of a person who is more empowered or more powerful than her.”

Gabby Petito Body Expert Rep. Pic
A body language expert looked into the newly-unearthed footage of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie hours before her death on Tuesday, claiming that she looks "exhausted" and "scared" in his presence. This is a representational image. Headway/Unsplash.

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