Victor 'Niño Prodigio' Florencio
Celebrity Medium and Astrologer Victor ' El Niño Prodigio' Florencio shares what he foresees in our favorite Latinos lives during 2015. Courtesy of: Victor Florencio

Victor Florencio better known as 'El Niño Prodigio' is a celebrity medium and astrologer. At the early age of seven he first discovered his psychic dowry. However, to the supernatural connection started from long before he was born. His great grandmother, Petronila Tiburcio was a recognized Mambo (priestess of the cult of the 21 divisions) in which many prominent political and business people would attend in Dominican Republic. Rafael Leonidas Trujillo a former dictator who was president in Dominican Republic was one of the faithful believers that would visit Victor’s great grandmother for consultations.

El Niño Prodigio started to practice his gift and knowledge helping his friends at age 13 with typical youth problems. Before, he knew it people started talking about him and his popularity grew and adults started looking for his spiritual help and advice.His hard work and dedication has led him to be recognized by several media outlets worldwide. Victor has consulted many celebrities and has been even interviewed in Japan and other Latin American countries. Currently, he is part of Univision morning show 'Despierta America' and is the owner of Botanica Anaisa Y Sus 7 Vueltas in New York City.

Latin Times had an exclusive one on one with El Niño Prodigio and he shared what he forsees in 2015 for some of our favorite celebrites like Jlo, Shakira,Sofia Vergara,Pitbull, Barack Obama,Chicharito,Angelica Rivera, Marco Rubio, William Levy and Romeo Santos. Check out what El Niño Prodigio had to say awaits these celebrities in 2015.

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