NFL Ratings Declining: 3 Reasons Why This May Be Happening

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The NFL is without a doubt the single most popular sports league in the United States today. Still, even Roger Goodell’s league is dealing with a bit of a ratings problem to start off this season.

Why is this? What is going on with the NFL?

Here are three theories as to why the NFL’s ratings have declined this season.

1. Presidential Election

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know there’s a presidential election going on in the United States. Millions of viewers in the U.S. are tuning in to debates, highly touted speeches and huge announcements from the candidates. Unfortunately for the NFL, many of these events have come on game days, and the league simply hasn’t been able to compete. In all fairness to the NFL, they aren’t the only sports league experiencing a drop in ratings in the U.S. The NHL season has already started and the NBA season tips off soon, but again, not much attention is really being focused on them as we normally see.

2. Rule Changes

The NFL is trying to make the game safer. The problem is there are far too many rules and regulations, and it’s damaging the product. Penalty flags are overtaking our TV screens at an alarming rate for some of the most normal hits. The games are taking longer, defensive players are being put at a disadvantage, and even with all of the new safety regulations, injuries are still high. With so many new “concussion safety” rules in place, defenders are simply aiming low, thus the amount of torn ACL and MCL’s and lower body injuries are going through the roof.

3. Fans Boycotting

Colin Kaepernick’s decision to not stand for the National Anthem rubbed some fans the wrong way. He, as well as other players, are allowed to take a knee during the anthem, but there are some fans who highly disagree with Kaepernick’s decision. There are even some fans who disagree with these players so much that they refuse to watch the games. It’s unlikely that this is having a huge impact on the ratings, but it isn’t helping.

What do you think?