The secret diaries of Nicole Brown Simpson reveal the horrific pattern of abuse she had suffered in the hands of OJ Simpson before her brutal murder in 1994. The documents are featured in a new documentary titled “OJ and Nicole: An American Tragedy,” which is due to air on Investigation Discovery on Oct. 3.

Nicole Brown Simpson wrote about 60 occasions that her husband physically abused her and threatened to end her life throughout their rocky marriage. Her secret diaries, which were found in Nicole’s safe deposit box with other photos of her bruised face, were discovered after her death in 1994.

In her diaries, Nicole revealed that OJ Simpson first beat her up in 1978. She recounted how her husband punched and kicked her in a hotel room and how she tried to escape but failed. Her handwritten entries also revealed how she endured 16 years of abuse, including how OJ flipped out into a jealous rage and smashed her car up. During several occasions, OJ also allegedly threw her against walls, leaving her blackened and bruised.

Nicole also recounted how OJ beat her so badly once that he tore her socks and sweater off her body. One time, OJ even threatened her, saying, “I have a gun in my hand, get the f*** out of here!”

According to Tanya Brown, Nicole’s sister, her late sister might have subconsciously known she would be murdered someday so she had kept very detailed diary entries. When Nicole filed for divorce in 1992 but was unable to leave OJ Simpson, she wrote a letter to him saying she wanted him back.

Inside the court following Nicole’s death, Tanya tearfully read the letter and said, “It just shows you that she loved him and he loved her but I think he loved her too much.” Tanya also said she was angry at her sister after her death because she did not say anything about her experience when she was alive, but she said she understood she was under OJ Simpson’s spell.

Nicole Simpson was murdered in 1994 with her friend Ron Goldman. OJ Simpson was arrested but was eventually acquitted of both crimes.

OJ SImpson O.J. Simpson is pictured during better days for the former NFL running back. Creative Commons