Ninel Conde finally faces ex-husband, Juan Zepeda, in court. Getty

Ninel Conde’s ex-husband, Juan Zepeda, was arrested at 5:30 PM on February 3, 2015. About 30 cops surrounded the man, that without giving him any details, arrested him and took him to jail to face charges that ‘El Bombón Asesino’ accused him of. Amongst these charges were: copyright infractions, fraud, and stealing from his then wife, Conde.

It was uncertain if the singer was needed to testify against Zepeda after her declarations. But on March 29, it was reported that Ninel needed to face her ex-husband on Monday, April 6, 2015. Before the announcement, the actress denied that she had to be present during the trial. The Court deprived Conde of the possibility to use alternate representation.

Yesterday, Zepeda and Conde faced each other for the first time after the accusations. The Mexican singer attended the appointment with boyfriend Giovanni Medina. While Ninel was making her declarations, her boyfriend (who has been informed to be aggressive in the past), threatened Zepeda’s lawyers and was asked to leave the room.

The hearing had been postponed twice because the singer wasn’t available to assist. Sources mentioned she was avoiding being present. She claims Zepeda stole a little over one million dollars from her, but she has only been able to prove the theft of 470, 000 USD. Ninel Conde has mentioned that she is willing to negotiate with Juan Zepeda but nothing has been reported about an agreement between both parts.

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