Geisha, Nathalia
BBFs, Geisha and Nathalia, are facing elimination in Univision's reality show "Nuestra Belleza Latina" this Sunday. Courtesy of Nuestra Belleza Latina/Univision

The dynamic duo, Geisha and Nathalia, comes to an end when the judges announce who will be leaving “Nuestra Belleza Latina” this Sunday March 29. Geisha and Nathalia have developed a strong bond during the competition. They support each other and are keeping a very positive attitude about the upcoming elimination. Nathalia has been this season’s most controversial character. However, Geisha was always there to defend her and stood by her no matter what the other girls in the house said. This made their friendship even stronger.

The girls took some time off their busy schedule, and gave Latin Times an insight on their feelings about being in “The Danger Zone” together. They shared their journey, and their hopes of still being a part of each other’s lives once the competition ends. In addition, they want to thank the audience for their support thus far, and they hope you keep doing so until Sunday when one of them has to leave “Nuestra Belleza Latina” for good.

LATIN TIMES: How to you feel about being in “The Danger Zone”?

GEISHA: Oh dear, what a question! Well, extremely nervous. It’s a pretty hard situation, especially because I get to face it with my best friend. We both have been amongst the highest voted for a while so the whole situation has been pretty stressful.

LATIN TIMES: What do you think you will miss the most about each other?

NATHALIA: Well, what I will miss the most about Geisha is that she is always sticking up for me. She is always giving me advice, and she is a very creative person, always helping me and most importantly, giving me her friendship.

GEISHA: I will even miss her accent! Also, how she expresses herself around me, that she tells me things, how she’s always saying things that make me laugh. I’ll also miss that she is very charismatic. I definitely think that I will miss all the attentions that she has with me. I even steal some of her breakfast in the morning!

LT: What has been your best experience together inside the mansion?

G: The best experience that we’ve had is that we became a team. There were times when I was feeling sad and lonely, and she was always there for me. Even when she didn’t know what was wrong, she made me feel better. Later on, I told all the girls what was happening and things were a little better but I was glad to have Nathalia there for me before that, those were tough times.

N: In my case, every time that I was nominated I knew that she was going to be there for me, and that was fulfilling. I never cared, well, obviously it did affect me to be nominated but I got used to having Geisha by my side. I think that’s one of the best things.

LT: Nathalia, things were being said about you during the competition; you were called fake by one of the girls in the house. What do you have to say to the public about that?

N: Well, to answer your question, I think that because the public believes that I’m being real is why they keep supporting me. You’ve seen that I have a lot of people backing me up. It’s because of that, because they know I’m being real, and that I don’t have to pretend to be someone else. Also, Lisandra was criticized because of that, and she was the fake one. But anyway, that’s all in the past. The only thing I would like to say is that if that’s how she thinks, I respect that. Because from the moment I came here, I knew I was going to be exposed to criticism and I can take constructive criticism but I can do without the negative.

LT: On Univision’s website there’s a video that says: “Geisha and Nathalia: From friends to rivals.” Do you consider yourselves rivals at this point?

G: Not really. I think that right now, whatever the decision is, it relies on how much the audience can identify with us. If they feel they should support us, and that’s all on them. Our behavior inside the mansion doesn’t matter anymore. Also, we have always had a good friendship and that’s not going to change. The fact that we are both nominated hasn't changed how we feel about each other. Actually, it made us stronger.

N: Truth is, we are enjoying our last days together and that’s all that matters right now.

LT: If you were to give each other advice or encouragement, what would you say?

G: Well, I would tell Nathalia...Hold up, let’s thing about both scenarios. If I stay, if I’m lucky enough to stay, she knows she can count on me in the future for anything. I would love to be able to help her always because “La union hace la fuerza,” and I know she is very talented and we can work together again some day and of course, be friends. Now, if I go, I know I can count on her, and she knows she is always welcome in Dominican Republic. She can always count on me.

N: I agree with everything that Geisha just said, and we have even talked about her moving to Miami after a while and living together. We would love to work on another project.

LT: Finally, what would you like to tell the audience in order for them to keep supporting you until elimination this Sunday?

N: What I would like to tell my people is that if I stick around for the last week of the competition, I’m going to need their support more than ever. Voting has been changed and now it’s not all in the public’s hands. But, I do hope that they keep supporting me, even more this time around. And thank you very much for everything!

G: I will also like to say that I am forever thankful for everyone who has supported me. Especially because I am here, in the finals, the last days of “Nuestra Belleza Latina.” If they still believe in me, they know that I’m someone they can count on, someone who is going to be there, and I want to show them everything I have to give. I really hope that they give me the opportunity but I really want to let them know, each on of them, how thankful I am for their support.

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