Dominicans back to back! Congratulations are in order for Clarissa Molina for becoming the new beauty queen from “Nuestra Belleza Latina” in its VIP edition, which brought past seasons contestants for another shot at the coveted crown. Fellow Dominican and last year’s winner Francisca Lachapel crowned Molina in a grand finale that left everyone celebrating.

Julión Álvarez y su Norteño Banda opened the show with an exciting performance that featured the four finalists: Mexican Setareh Khatibi, Puerto Rican Catherine Castro, Dominican Clarissa Molina and Colombian Bárbara Turbay dancing along to a choreographed routine in shiny red dresses.

Julión Álvarez Julión Álvarez opened the gran finale of "Nuestra Belleza Latina VIP" while the four finalists danced along. Univision

The girls proceeded to make an important call against bullying after reading mean tweets targeted at them and called to support whoever wins the competition, regardless if audiences liked her in the first place or not. After this, it was time for one last round of competition.

Bárbara Turbay was the first one to take the stage, with judges assigning her to host her own news show as her last challenge. Last season’s winner, Francisca Lachapel, joined her as they read the news, which all of the judges loved.

Daniel Arenas gushed over her fellow Colombian, since he’s done throughout the whole season. Jacky Bracamontes congratulated the beauty queen and told her she saw a future for her on TV, but mostly modeling. Osmel Sousa was also very happy with her performance and complimented her on her talent and physique.

Next up was Catherine Castro. Her personal challenge was to perform a “scene” from a telenovela since she was last season’s winner of Televisa’s CEA Scholarship (Centro de Educación Artística or Center for Artistic Education). Judges loved it. Jacky told her she’s made to be an actress and Osmel and Daniel admired Catherine’s laugh and joy and how she approaches life in such a positive way.

Clarissa Molina’s turn came up, and she channeled her inner JLo in performing a sexy dance medley. Osmel said he was happy he went to New York to get her to come to this season of the competition. Daniel Arenas called her “a 10” and Jacky said she was totally envious of her body and how she looked on stage.

Clarissa Molina Dominicans back to back! Clarissa Molina just became the new winner of "Nuestra Belleza Latina VIP," following Francisca Lachapel, who was the first Dominican to win the show last year. Univision

Last but not least was Setareh Khatibi. She performed a rendition of the song “Colors of the Wind” from Disney’s "Pocahontas." Daniel Arenas called her “unique,” Jacky was “shocked” because she didn’t know Setareh could sing so well and told her she saw a future for her on Broadway. Osmel loved her; he called her “multifaceted” and “talented.”

Spanish crooner Pablo Alborán then took the stage to perform live for the first time his single “Se Puede Amar” the theme song of “Tres Veces Ana,” the new Univision telenovela starring Angelique Boyer.

Demonstrating their poise and elegance, the contestants took one last walk down the runway in their evening gowns as Alborán sang. However, they went on to show off their sassiness and spunk in their bikinis as Wisin came on stage to perform his hit “Corazón Acelerao” before announcing the third finalist.

Wisin Wisin performing his song "Corazón Acelerao" with the four finalists. Univision

Colombian Bárbara Turbay was named the third finalist of “Nuestra Belleza Latina VIP” and Puerto Rican Catherine Castro took the second finalist spot yet again just as she did last season when she first competed for the show. Julión Álvarez performed one last time, while Setareh and Clarissa walked one last time as contestants before one of them became the new Latina beauty queen.

The big moment finally came, and Francisca Lachapel took one last walk down the runway as Nuestra Belleza Latina and crowned her fellow Dominican Clarissa Molina, who won the audience’s votes and was able to finally win the coveted crown. Setareh Khatibi was named first finalist and she won the CEA Scholarship.

Clarissa Molina Congratulations Clarissa Molina for becoming the new Nuestra Belleza Latina! Univision