With most individuals holed up at home, the only way to keep themselves busy is through online means. For those who have the time, gaming is an option and some prefer to use high-end video cards to enjoy their favorite game titles.

One graphic card that most may want to get their hands on are the latest RTX 3000 series powered by Ampere architecture. The RTX 3080 could make sense although it means shelling out $699. A slightly cheaper option is the RTX 3070, priced at $499.

However, the RTX 3090 remains the best video card to get. But with its price starting at $1,499, only a few are likely to consider it.

But then again, there is also the option of waiting for a much powerful next-generation GPU. Leaks point to a GeForce card that will likely be part of the RTX 4000 series. It is code-named NVIDIA Ada Lovelace.

And there is a reason to wait for the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace. It is believed to be something capable of 64 TFLOPs of power, nearly twice what the RTX 3080 has to offer. The current flagship only comes with 34 TFLOPs. Also, it is more than five times the performance of the Microsoft Xbox Series X.

Aside from that, the Ada Lovelace will allegedly move to a 5nm node. It will move down from the original 8nm node on Ampere. What remains unclear is if Nvidia will continue to rely on Samsung or transition to TSMC. The leaks on the Ava Lovelace come from Twitter user @kopite7kimi. He is the same one behind the leak of Ampere before Nvidia launched the RTX 3000 series.

Other rumored features of the Nvidia Ada Lovelace include having 18,432 CUDA cores and having a single-die design. There is no mention of how many RT or tensor cores it will have. The GPU is believed to have a clock speed of 1.75GHz and will have a bigger memory cache.

There is no exact release date for the Nvidia Ada Lovelace although it may likely debut by 2022. Hence, gamers need to make a choice – wait for it or spend big money on what Nvidia has to offer right now in the market.

Images of the highly touted Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 have reportedly been leaked. Getty Images/Smith Collection

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