'Once Upon A Time' fans could not contain their excitement over the fact that Captain Hook and Emma finally shared a kiss in the Oct. 27 episode. Emma planted a passionate kiss on Hook as a way of saying thank you for helping her father. (1.) It is obvious that Hook cares for Emma and wants to be with her. In fact he pretty much told her that in last night's episode when he confessed he didn't think he'd ever love another woman until now. In case you forgotten Hook fell in love with Rumplestiltskin's wife and they ran off together.

Rumple killed his former wife in front of Hook and the angry pirate swore revenge. Hook has been smitten with Emma since the first moment he laid eyes on her. And while she'd never admit it (2.) Emma feels a connection with Hook. At the end of the last season Emma spent a good deal of time trying to convince Hook to do the right thing. Emma told Hook she knows how he thinks because they are the same. Emma said she and Hook know how to take care of themselves so they never get hurt.

(3.) Emma is becoming a good influence on Hook. In the past Hook was nothing more than a charming and self-centered pirate. Sure he fell in love but his quest for revenge would consume his life and force him ally himself with some less that scrupulous characters. When Peter Pan tells Hook that Neal is still alive Hook does the right thing and lets Charming and Snow know. Rather than keep the news about Neal a secret Hook decides to share it, knowing full well it could mean losing Emma for good.

At first Charming and Hook decide they will go off together to see if what Pan said about Neal is true. Snow decides to spill the beans and tells Emma herself. With the exception of Regina everyone decides to go look for Neal. Pan has kept him hidden in the Echo Cave and the only way for the group to reach him is to build a bridge by revealing their darkest secret. Snow tells Charming she wants another baby, Charming tells Snow he can't leave Neverland and Hook confesses his feelings for Emma. The bridge is built but Emma is still unable to free Neal from his cage.

Realizing she needs to reveal a secret Emma drops a doozy on Neal. (4.) Emma is not relieved that Neal is alive. Despite having told him she loved him just before Neal fell through a portal, Emma said she would have preferred Pan was trying to trick her rather than Neal actually be alive. Emma told Neal how much he hurt her and said she would have rather grieved and moved passed his death than face the reality of what he did to her. The cage broke open and Neal and Emma hugged.

Later on Emma tried to apologize to Neal about what she said. Neal was not angry and told her he knows how much she was hurt. Neal also said, with Hook listening in, that he would not give up on Emma this time. Neal vowed to fight for her and said he would not stop. The group moved on and Hook had the look of an injured puppy on his face. The priority now is to find Henry but assuming the group eventually gets off Neverland, the love triangle between Emma, Hook and Neal is sure to intensify.

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