'Once Upon A Time' Season 3 Spoilers: Ariel To Appear; Plus 4 Things To Know About The 'OUAT' Little Mermaid [VIDEO]

Once Upon A Time
Joanna Garcia Swisher as Ariel. Youtube.com-Once Upon A Time

Next Sunday on "Once Upon A Time" Ariel the Little Mermaid will make her debut. Played by actress Joanna Garcia Swisher, (1) Ariel will appear first in a flash back to when Snow White was still an outlaw in the Enchanted Forest. There were hints that Ariel would appear and rescue one of the major characters from the OUAT cast and since the promo shows Ariel in the water with Snow White, it is a safe bet to assume that Snow is the one the classic Disney princess rescues.

After Ariel helps Snow we see Snow sitting on the shore while Ariel wades in the water talking about her love. (2) Prince Eric will be featured in a few episodes of "Once Upon A Time" this season. Ariel tells Snow about the first time she saw Prince Eric and how she knew it was "love at first sight." Ariel is quite different than the mermaids we met in the season premiere. If you remember, the mermaids attack the Jolly Roger with every intention of sinking the ship. Despite her status as an outlaw Snow wants to help Ariel.

In another clip from Ariel's debut episode we see that the mermaid (3) has made a deal with somebody and become human. We see Ariel at a ball with Snow White (which means this takes place after she and Charming take back the kingdom) and Snow encourages Ariel to speak with Prince Eric. The question still remains, how does Ariel become human? In the Disney film and original fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, Ariel makes a deal with a sea witch in order to become human.

In the Disney film Ursula is the sea witch who steals Ariel's voice when making her human. Fans have been eager to know if Ursula would be featured in Ariel's 'Once Upon A Time" story line. The answer was revealed in the episode promo showing that (4) Regina is the witch that comes after Ariel. But there must be more to their story since we see Ariel refer to Regina as Ursula. "In a world where our crocodile turns out to be Rumplestiltskin, you never know what might happen,' said OUAT creator Edward Kitsis to TV Guide, when asked about Regina and Ursula. Ariel will debut on "Once Upon A Time" Nov. 3.

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