'Once Upon A Time' stars and fairytale power couple Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas a.k.a Snow White and Prince Charming are expecting their first child. Dallas and Goodwin recently announced their engagement to the delight of "Once Upon A Time's" loyal fan base. The real Snow White and Prince Charming fell for each other when they met on the set of their hit ABC show. The pair met in 2011 and decided to go public with their relationship the following spring.

Details and speculation about baby charming's due date and sex are being kept quiet for the moment. Rumors that Goodwin 35, was pregnant began to circulate when the "Killing Kennedy" star was seen wearing lose fitting clothing these past few weeks. The news of Goodwin's pregnancy comes at a pivotal moment in season 3 of "Once Upon A Time." Goodwin's character Snow White recently told her husband Prince Charming that she wants to have another baby. The "OUAT" couple missed out on the chance to see their daughter Emma (Jennifer Morrison) grow up.

Snow has not gotten over the guilt she felt when she sent Emma through a portal. Snow and Charming made that decision so their child may grow up away from the curse and be able to save her family. What they did not count on was Emma's feelings of abandonment and her troubled life in and out of foster homes as well as her time spent in jail. Now that is has been announced that Goodwin is pregnant fans are dying to know if the pregnancy will be written into the show.

Before Snow White and Prince Charming can work on expanding their family they have to figure out how to get off Neverland. All of the "OUAT" main characters on in Neverland trying to rescue Henry from an evil Peter Pan. A poisoned arrow injured Charming; Hook took him to a spring where the water would cure his poison. The catch is that once Charming steps foot off Neverland he will die since the water he drank is connected to the island.

Rumple offered Charming a cure that would allow him to leave Neverland and be with his family. The only issue now is that Peter Pan, who just so happens to be Rumple's father, trapped Rumple in Pandora's Box. "Once Upon A Time" has gotten complicated. With Goodwin and Dallas' happy news just announced it will likely be a little while before any announcement regarding Snow's pregnancy in the show will be made. So for now "OUAT" fans will have to wait and see what is to come. In the mean time congratulations to the happy soon-to-be parents!

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