"Once Upon a Time" is heating up and there are only a few episodes left before the mid-season finale. "OUAT" will finish off the first part of season three in December and pick up for the second half in March. Last episode the gang rescued Henry from Pan and headed back to Storybrooke. The happiness of the "OUAT" characters may be short lived as they learn that Pan is more formidable then they imagined. In an attempt to take Henry's shadow Pan was able to switch bodies with Emma and Regina's son.

Rumple believed he stopped Pan from harming Henry and trapped his evil father in Pandora's Box. In reality Rumple trapped Henry. Next week's episode will focus on Emma trying to figure out what is wrong with Henry. The final scene in the promo shows Henry as Pan trying to convince his mom of his identity. When "Once Upon a Time" returns in March Henry, Emma and Hook will be seen taking a road trip to NYC. The trio Jennifer Morison (Emma), Jared Gilmore (Henry) and Colin O'Donoghue (Hook) were spotted filming in Vancouver this week.

Vancouver will double as New York City in the second half of season three. Behind the scenes photos show Hook, Emma and Henry in Emma's little yellow bug heading off to the big apple. Hook must get himself in some trouble as one image shows the charming pirate walking out of a NYPD precinct. As Hook adjusts his false hand he tosses a smile at Emma. Do these images show the long hoped for relationship between Hook and Emma? Noticeably absent from any of the photos is Henry's father and Emma's one time love Neal.

Other spoiler photos from behind the scenes of "Once Upon a Time" show the residents of Storybrooke back in the Enchanted Forest. We know that a new curse is on its way to Storybrooke but we don't know what kind destruction this curse will bring. The Storybrooke residents are all wearing their fairytale costumes but are they actually back in the Enchanted Forest? It is possible that it is a dream brought on by the new curse or a flash back? It is hard to believe Snow would be okay with leaving Emma a second time.

Chances are if Emma does not want to go back to the Enchanted Forest Snow won't go either. We see Josh Dallas who plays Prince Charming in the back stage pics so we can assume that he is cured of the poison he picked up in Neverland. We also see images of Belle in her classic gold gown and Sara Bolger is returning in March as Sleeping Beauty. As exciting as the behind the scenes photos are they are leaving more questions that viewers will have to wait until March to have answered.

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