Newly leaked photos for the set of "Once Upon a Time" show everyone, including Peter Pan back in Storybrook. Now the question remains, how did they all get back? When we last saw Emma, Hook, Neal, Regina, Snow, Charming and Rumple they were in Neverland trying to avoid traps set by Peter Pan and the lost boys so they can find Henry. Pan has Henry held captive in his camp. Henry possesses the heart of the truest believer and it was in the promo for Sunday's episode that we finally learn what Pan wants it for.

Pan is manipulating Henry to try and get him to save magic on Neverland. Using a little girl named Wendy, who is also Pan's captive the evil teen finally convinces Henry to help save magic. In the promo for Sunday's episode titled "Think Lovely Thoughts" we learn that by saving magic Peter Pan will become immortal as soon as the heart of the truest believer stops beating. The promo also shows clips of Emma and Regina doing magic together as well an image of Peter Pan flying. We also see a distraught Emma and this leaves fans wondering who it is she loves that was hurt, or worse killed?

In spoiler news newly leaked photos from the "Once Upon a Time" set show that most of the characters make it back to Storybrook, including Peter Pan. How the characters return to Storybrook is a mystery but Neal, Hook and Emma did succeed last episode in capturing Pan's shadow. Neal said by doing so they could fly out of Neverland, but there is no guarantee this will be the means by which they leave the cursed island. In one photo we see Rumple face to face with Pan in the middle of a Storybrook street.

Another photo shows Ruble holding on to Pan with a knife in his hand. The very next photo we see Rumple plunging the knife into someone's back. While the person's face is obscured we can tell that it is not Peter Pan, nor a stand in since the costume the actor is wearing is different from the one Pan had on in the previous image. In a separate photo we see Henry kneeling over Regina who is flat on her back on the ground.

We cannot see Regina's face but the look on Henry's suggests we should be worried. There have been hints and rumors that a major "Once Upon Time" character will die and this image makes you wonder if it will be Regina. Henry appears to be crying as he holds the hand of his adopted mother. The final image shows Belle standing with Rumple and Hook. From the image it looks as though Belle was right and her true love did come back to her. Noticeably absent from the leaked photos is Emma, Snow and Charming.

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