"Once Upon a Time" took a break this weekend due to the American Music Awards airing on ABC Sunday night. An all-new episode will air Sunday Dec. 1 at 8pm ET. New spoilers have leaked in the form of photos and tweets from show creator Adam Horowitz. Last time we saw the "OUAT" cast we learned that Peter Pan is Rumplestiltskin's father. Pan trapped Rumple in Pandora's Box and Henry ripped out his own heart and gave it to Pan. Neal, Regina and Emma tried to get Henry to listen to the truth about Pan but he didn't.

Pan had no interest in saving magic or Neverland. We learned he is a coward, afraid to die and used Henry's heart to give himself immortality. In new photos from episode nine "Save Henry" we learn how Regina was able to adopt Henry. No doubt there will be flashbacks to Storybrooke while the town was still under the curse. The pics show a terrified looking Regina holding an infant Henry. Other images show Mary Margaret holding Henry. From the pictures we can guess that baby Henry is sick. It looks as though Regina is standing in the hospital.

One of the images depicts Regina speaking with a doctor and in another, baby Henry is laying on an examination table with his adoptive mother standing over him. From the first season of "Once Upon A Time" we know that Mr. Gold helped Regina when she was looking to adopt. In Sunday's new episode we may learn how Rumple came to find the child born of the woman destined to break Regina's curse. Other spoilers suggest "Once Upon a Time' will be heading back to New York City in episode 12.

The last time "OUAT" was in NYC was when Emma and Henry went with Rumple to find his son. It was there that Emma learned Rumple's son is Neal, Henry's biological father. Show co-creator Adam Horowitz tweeted a picture of the script cover for episode 12. The title will be "New York City Serenade." There are no clues as to why the show will be returning to New York. The only thing Horowitz gave away was a hashtag that reads, "Not what you think."

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