Early this year, ABC renewed the fairytale drama "Once Upon a Time" for a sixth season and based on the Season 5 finale, "Only You" and "An Untold Story," we know viewers will meet more literary characters from the Land of Untold Stories. According to Den of Geek, two new characters are coming in Season 6 -- Sinbad and Scheherazade.

So who are these new characters? Well, Legend has it that Scheherazade, the sacrificial bride, saved herself from execution after she tells the king, who murders his wives almost as soon as he marries them, an unfinished story on their wedding night. The king is intrigued enough that he needs to know what happens next for a thousand more nights, which leads to the Middle Eastern answer to fairytales, "One Thousand and One Nights." ABC is currently seeking a Middle Eastern/Arabic actress to play the fearless storyteller.

As for Sinbad, the rogue sailor is featured in "One Thousand and One Nights" encountering serpents, cannibals, endless diamonds, monstrous birds and prey as well as mer-horses and breathing underwater. We do not know much about the character, other than the network is searching for a thirty something actor of Middle Eastern/Arabic or North African descent to play the hero. 

In addition to Sinbad and Scheherazade, ABC is on the search for Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. He is described as "an old soul in a young body," someone who is equally good at reading people as he is at hiding his own agenda, reports TV Line. Morpheus will reportedly appear in the Season 6 premiere.

Season 6 of "OUAT" will see the town of Storybrooke threatened by Dr. Jekyll's (Hank Harris) now-split counterpart Mr. Hyde (Sam Witwer), along with his fellow Untold Stories, and the personification of Regina's (Lana Parrilla) former self, the Evil Queen, who has now declared war on the heroes.

ABC has yet to reveal the "OUAT" Season 6 premiere date, but if the network follows trend we will see the series return on the final Sunday in September.