One Piece Chapter 1001 is expected to come out on Jan. 17 and a lot of spoilers are already out. Major battles are teased, particularly the ones involving Supernova and Yonko as well as the one between Kaido and Big Mom. However, there is more to expect and one of them is said to be a major flashback.

Blocktoro alleges that the new chapter will begin with Black Mom warning the Supernovas. Most will have no idea about it while Kaido is left on the ground following Luffy’s Red Roc attack.

From here, the flashbacks will start. Kaido will reportedly recall his time as part of the Rock Pirates crew and remember where Garp and Roger managed to defeat him and Big Mom.

Aside from that, leaks of a potential chapter involving Zoro cutting Kaido was also suggested by Stairskun on Twitter. To recall in previous chapters, Hyori gave Zoro Oden’s Enma in exchange for Ryuma’s Shusui, the national treasure in the Land of Wano. According to the spoiler, Zoro could do Kaido with another “Oden.”

Aside from that, worth keeping track of is when the Supernovas (Luffy, Law, Kidd, Zoro And Killer Impress Kaido) challenge the Yonkos, Big Mom and Kaido to a fight. Other than that, Sanji will be caught in a big fight with Black Maria which needs resolving with Nani and Robin is expected to come to his rescue.

A lot of spoilers have come out but most are unreliable. However, One Piece fans should focus on the big battles. This includes the one between Kaido and Zoro aside from the Sanji-Black Maira encounter.

Aside from the battles and the flashbacks mentioned earlier, Luffy should get attention as most try to figure out how he was able to land an attack. Big Mom will use a new technique called Heavenly Bonbon, something that would see three small fireballs that would be aimed at Luffy, Kid and Law.

The chapter will allegedly end with Kalidou proclaiming that whoever wins the battle will only be a few steps from becoming the Pirate King. There is a lot to digest for One Piece Chapter 1001 and it may be best to hold on for a couple of more days until the manga rolls out.

Here's where fans can wait for the chapter's raw scans.

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Luffy can defeat Kaido in "One Piece," according to a fan theory. One Piece/Facebook

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