The release of “One Piece” Chapter 960 is still days away, but that’s not stopping eager fans of Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series to come up with their own predictions on what’s going to happen next. One of the common expectations is that the upcoming installment will most likely be a flashback, and it might even feature a very important character.

The recently dropped “One Piece” manga 959 finally revealed how Luffy and his allies’ plans were disrupted, as predicted by previous spoilers. It was actually Orochi who made a preemptive strike to the allies, preventing them from reaching the flower capital.

Orochi somehow got wind of his enemies’ plans and made moves to disrupt them. He bombed the great bridge that connected Ringo and Hakumai and the ships anchored at the Kuri Weasel harbor. Even the Thousand Sunny was bombed, but it’s yet unclear if the ship was damaged.

Realizing that no allies would be arriving was a big blow to the Nine Red Scabbards. Nevertheless, they remain steadfast in their resolve and planned to carry out the raid to Onigashima even without support.

While everything looks bleak at the moment, there’s still a possibility that Luffy and the rest might still find a way to arrive at the rendezvous point, which might be shown in “One Piece” Chapter 960 or later chapters. As suggested by YouTuber RogersBase, there might be alternate routes that they could take. It’s also possible that the Sunny might be damaged but still be serviceable.

It’s also interesting that Luffy was talking about Jinbe in the previous chapter. It could be Oda’s way of hinting that Jinbe could be arriving to Wano in a big way, probably at a time where his presence could tip the balance of power to Luffy and his alliance’s favor.

Kozuki Oden was also introduced in a flashback 39 years ago in the last part of chapter 959. Thus, it’s reasonable to expect that “One Piece” Chapter 960 will likely continue on Oden’s flashback, as pointed out by Otakukart.

Oden was with Gol D. Roger on their journey to Raftel. Thus, it’s likewise possible that the upcoming chapter will feature Roger as well.

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