Unfortunately, “One Piece” Chapter 971 won’t be released this week as the manga is on a one-week hiatus. To entertain fans for the long wait, here are a few exciting speculations doing their rounds on what the upcoming chapter might bring.

The Traitor Might Be Revealed

In the previous chapter, Oden rushed to Kaido’s castle to do battle. However, what surprise the Daimyo of Kuri was that Kaido met him halfway.

Kaido explained that he’d rather not make his newly built castle the location of their battleground. He also told Oden that he has a spy within the latter’s castle, which explains why he knew Oden was coming.

Naturally, fans are curious about who this spy could be. According to IBT, there were speculations that it might Denjiro but he was shown to be with the Daimyo until the end, which dispelled fans’ suspicions of the character. There’s a good chance that the identity of this spy might already be revealed in “One Piece” Chapter 971.

Nine Red Scabbards’ Escape

Another thing that fans are looking forward to in “One Piece” Chapter 971 is the escape of the Nine Red Scabbards. In the previous installment, Orochi has already scheduled the execution of Oden and his men by boiling them alive.

However, the Nine Red Scabbards are expected to bolt out of prison in “One Piece’ Chapter 971. This is to be expected since they are alive to this day, which means that they must have successfully escaped death.

What is uncertain is how Oden might die, which would likely be shown in “One Piece” Chapter 971. There are theories saying that he likely met his demise when he fought with Kaido’s men as he bought time for his teammates to escape.

Toki’s Power

Meanwhile, “One Piece” Chapter 971 is also expected to reveal Toki’s power. She will use her ability to send Momonosuke into the future but it looks like there might be some complications because his sister was not able to accompany him.

“One Piece” Chapter 971 Release Date

Unfortunately, “One Piece” Chapter 971 won’t be released on Feb. 9. Instead, the next installment of the manga series will be available the week after or on Feb. 16.

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