The second season of “One-Punch Man” did not exactly appeal to fans although hope floats over the horizon.

“One-Punch Man” season 3 has been announced and it appears that the next installment can make up for the lackluster second season with a focus on the Monster Association Arc.

This means that the most anticipated battles in the series will banner the third season of “One-Punch Man,” focusing on the heroes' assault on the Monster Association headquarters, while the "Hero Hunter" Garou goes through a process of "awakening" that will lead him to new heights of power, but at a great cost.

The first season of “One-Punch Man” got off on the right foot with Madhouse studio masterfully adapting the webcomic by Yusuke Murata. It was one of the most visually impressive anime ever.

Unfortunately, things did not turn out that way in the second season. Produced by J.C. Staff, the second season of “One-Punch Man” showcased cheap and stiff animation. The area where the transition was most evident was the fights, something that resulted in most hating the season for its animation quality.

“One-Punch Man” was officially announced in August and the production studio behind it has yet to be announced. But given its season 2 bust, there is the growing belief that the people behind the anime will try to make up for the lackluster showing.

Aside from the anticipated Monster Association Arc, also in focus is Saitama. He is expected to be oblivious to what is going on around him. However, the biggest mistake is that the monsters build their headquarters just beneath his home.

This part of the story has some of the best, most epic fights in the manga, including the S-Class heroes against the Monster Association Officers, and of course Saitama versus Monster King Orochi.

Given that the first two seasons adapted volumes 1 to 16, the third season of “One-Punch Man” is expected to cover the following 8. This would include the epic showdown between Saitama and Orochi.

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