Since the launch of the much-hyped Disney+, there have been speculations that this may be the digital platform that will end up being the streaming giant, Netflix’s biggest rival in future. But one cannot forget that it is content that rules and is Disney+ churning that kind of output?

Why is Disney+ considered such a strong contender?

Disney+ was launched on November 12, 2019, and despite the countless hitches like connectivity issues, and hacked user accounts, the digital platform still managed to roll in 10 million subscribers within 24 hours of its launch. In fact, if recent data is to be believed, every day at least 1 million new subscribers are joining the platform.

What is working in its favour is the as-of-now cheap subscription prices and the fact that it is bringing in some of the most popular franchises like “Star Wars” and Marvel movies plus series. So, it is not that surprising that millions have and are joining the platform. But to say that the growing popularity of the platform may one day pose danger to the viewership Netflix holds would be a gross misjudgement at the moment...

...because Netflix is still reigning as the favourite streaming platform

Let’s start with how the ones running the huge platform aren’t the least worried by the competition Disney+ may pose in the future. “We have to continue to do what we’ve been doing, which is make the best content and deliver it seamlessly,” Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos explained. “I think the bigger you are, the more distractions you have to your core business, the more likely you can’t move as quickly as we’ve been able to through our history. The new set of competitors is actually just the old set of competitors.”

One can’t really point a finger at Netflix’s unwavering confidence, not when its surety is backed by a diverse catalogue of content, compared to which Disney+’s stock appears rather small. As per a report in DecisionData, the Disney+ streaming catalog is still less than 15% of what Netflix holds:

  • Netflix has approximately 5,800 unique titles on its streaming library
  • It has over 3,900 movies and over 1,800 TV titles
  • On the other hand, Disney has less than 800 unique titles available for streaming

While many claim that Disney+ has a higher quality of content, one can’t deny the fact that Netflix is quite a pro at adding new titles and churning original content over a variety of genres appealing to a larger section of the mainstream.