OnePlus Two Specs: Brand-New OS And Metal Body Rumored Ahead Of Summer 2015 Release Date [REPORT]

OnePlus One phone
OnePlus is expected to unveil its new OnePlus Two flagship smartphone later this year. OnePlus

Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus has garnered quite a powerful cult following since it released its first OnePlus One smartphone in April 2014. The self-claimed "Flagship-Killer" was one of the few phones to feature the open-source CyanogenMod OS system and it also brought together a 5.5-inch screen, top-spec internal components, and high quality materials in one elegant package.

Now, the Chinese brand is slated to unveil a new successor, dubbed the OnePlus Two, between Q2 or Q3 of 2015. Details on the new phone are scarce, but a number of industry insiders have reported some very interesting rumors regarding the upcoming mobile phone's hardware and OS.

First, Business Insider reported that the rumored OnePlus Two will be a much more premium handset than the One. Industry observers also expect the OnePlus Two to adopt a metal unibody construction similar to the iPhone 6 and the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S6. However, it is equally likely that Oneplus will return its "StyleSwap" design and offer unique back shells including wood, denim, and Kevlar finishes.

As for hardware, the OnePlus Two is rumored to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with 4GB of RAM. The battery size is expected to be 3300 mAh. The OnePlus Two may also feature a dual SIM-card option, which is popular in Asia, as well as a MicroSD card slot.

Furthermore,  speculation also suggests that the new OnePlus Two will retain a 5.5-inch display but will offer significantly greater resolution. Other features such as a fingerprint scanner is rumored as well.

As far the operating system, the OnePlus Two might not run CyanogenMod Android 5.0 like we expected. Instead, a rumor suggests that OnePlus is developing their own OS software codenamed Oxygen.

Stay tuned as we expect to learn more about the new OnePlus Two smartphone and Oxygen OS in the months ahead!

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