‘The Originals’ Season 1 Spoilers: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Tyler Is Heading To New Orleans For Klaus; Will He And Caroline Ever Reunite?

Klaus, Caroline, and Tyler have a serious love triangle. Will Caroline also appear on "The Originals" after her ex-boyfriend arrives in New Orleans? vampirediaries.wikia.com/wiki/

Fans have been clamoring for A "Vampire Diaries" crossover since "The Originals" premiered, in episode 2 "House of the Rising Son," we saw a bit of a crossover with Rebekah Mikaelson returning home to her brothers in New Orleans after a prompt exit from Mystic Falls in the season 5 premiere of "Vampire Diaries. " But this time the crossover is for real and it's going to seriously impact the Season 1 plot of "The Originals!" The crossover was hinted at in episode 5 of "Vampire Diaries" when Tyler Lockwood returned to Mystic Falls, in some sort of a Halloween miracle.

The sexy hybrid made a dramatic entrance at Bonnie's impromptu funeral, wrapping his arms around his emotional girlfriend, Caroline. But the comforting and consoling Tyler didn't last long, as in episode 5 "Monster's Ball" hit Caroline with even more heartache, when her long-absent boyfriend revealed that he wasn't staying in Mystic Falls. When Tyler told Caroline that he couldn't stay long, she was devastated, revealing that if he left, their relationship was over. And despite his notable sadness over losing Caroline, it looks like Tyler's mind is made up and he is moving on from his supernatural hometown.

So where exactly is the hybrid off to? Well we are assuming that he is after the original hybrid who is currently attempting to hold court in New Orleans on "The Originals." Commence the crossover! With Tyler and Klaus's embattled past, this character addition is sure to make waves in the originals lives. Klaus killed Tyler's mom Carol, and also banished him for his home in exchange for his life, Tyler has sacrificed his relationship with Caroline and is now seeking revenge for all the pain Klaus has inflicted. Tyler is emotionally charged and will do anything to finish Klaus, in "Monster's Ball" Caroline begged her boyfriend to love her more than he hates Klaus, but the conflicted hybrid said he couldn't and walked out leaving his relationship and Mystic Falls behind.

Tyler's appearance on "The Originals" was confirmed by Michael Trevino in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. While The CW won't confirm when - "sometime soon," Trevino says. But Tyler's revenge plan may not be as easy to execute as he originally planned, not only do Tyler and Klaus have history by Tyler and Hayley are connected. Hayley helped Tyler break his sire bond to Klaus in Season 4 of "Vampire Diaries," and considering he has no knowledge of the pregnancy, Tyler is in for quite a shock upon his arrival in the "Big Easy." "I just want to say that everything will be explained, and I think Tyler will be good once he shows up to 'The Originals,'" Trevino told EW. "I think everybody will be happy with Tyler's reasoning when they see what he's been up to and what he has planned."


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