José de Jesús Manzo Corona, a Mexican politician from Jalisco, was asked to leave his position at SEDIS (Secretaría de Desarrollo e Intregración Social) after he posted a homophobic comment on Facebook in which he makes fun of the horrible happenings that occurred at Pulse in Orlando, Florida, on Saturday night.

“Too bad it was only 50 and not 100,” Manzo Corona wrote on social media referring to the 49 men and women who lost their lives at the gay nightclub over the weekend.

Homophobic comment José de Jesús Manzo Corona's comment about Saturday's shooting in Orlando, Florida. Facebook

After the post went viral, Jaliscos Governor Aristóteles Sandoval turned to Twitter to address the situation and informed concerned citizens that the appropriate measures were being taken in the matter.

“My government promotes respect and inclusion,” Sandoval tweeted. “Discriminatory expressions will not be tolerated under any circumstances.”

He continued, “I have given precise instructions to remove the functionary [Manzo Corona] from his charge at SEDIS after posting homophobic comments on social media.”

SEDIS director, Miguel Castro Reynoso, also joined the conversation on social media and described Manzo Corona’s comment as “deplorable.”

“I am really ashamed and embarrassed,” he wrote on Facebook. “Us, who serve other people, are the first ones that need to be tolerant. In the name of the Secretariat and those who give 100% on a daily basis to better the quality of people’s lives, I offer a humble and sincere apology to those who were offended by this comment.”

He added, “A comment this evil doesn’t fit, and will never fit, in Jalisco’s government and Aristóteles Sandoval’s administration, and of course, it definitely does not fit here at SEDIS. This person [Manzo Corona] is no longer a part of this Secretariat as of right now.”

On June 11, 29-year-old Omar Mateen murdered 49 innocent people at a gay club in Orlando, Florida. Mateen’s parents revealed their son was homophobic hours after the happenings.