Pedro Castillo, Peru’s impeached and former president, is looking to North America for assistance as he has requested asylum in Mexico after he was removed from office following his attempt to shutter his country's legislature. Castillo is currently in custody in Lima as he awaits a decision. 

In a letter sent to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Castillo’s lawyer requests he, “consider granting the face of the unfounded persecution of justice bodies."

Mexico is considering granting the request.

On Wednesday, Castillo tried to dissolve Congress in what his former running mate, Dina Boluarte, called an “attempted coup.” Castillo faced an impeachment vote by Congress and in an effort to save himself, stated he would dismantle the government body. Congress voted to remove him from office and hours later swore in Boluarte as the new president. 

Castillo had been in office for 18 months and in that time faced accusations of corruption which he deemed were acts of “political persecution.”