Outdoor Entertaining Trends: 6 Stunning Floral Styles For Your Summer Party [PHOTOS]

Floral Trends
6 Gorgeous Floral Trends To Decorate Your Summer Bash Photo: Courtesy

We all know there’s an emotional connection with flowers. With a flower arrangement you can communicate love, health or forgiveness, but also you can add life to any space or any special ocassion. Now that summer’s in full swing, that means outdoor entertaining is, too.

With access to over 25,000 designs from thousands of florists, BloomNation has identified and shared with Latin Times, the top six trends for outdoor floral entertaining this summer.  The company are committed to create the best experience possible for flower sellers and flower buyers alike.

Enjoy these sculptural designs, unexpected colors, exotic blooms and turn your summer gathering into a beautiful and unforgettable fiesta:

1. Scene-Stealing Stems from Marguerite Gardens (Chicago, IL)

Marguerite Gardens Marguerite Gardens flower arrangement. Photo: Courtesy

Statement blooms like the King protea featured here provide a focal point for the whole arrangement while greenery and softer blooms play supporting roles. Choose a main bloom in a vibrant color and let the surrounding stems complement them in color.

2. Cacti & Succulents from Wowsome Blossom (Los Angeles, CA)

Wowsome Blossom Wowsome Blossom floral arrangement. Photo: Courtesy

The cacti and succulent trend has been around for a while, but be sure to mix and match for maximum effect. A long, low container like this one will make for an elegant and unassuming centerpiece that lasts far beyond the party.

3. Soft & Romantic from Bella Calla (Denver, CO)

BellaCalla BellaCalla flower arrangement. Photo: Courtesy

Whites, pinks, and creams can offer a romantic respite from the vibrant colors of summer. Use a variety of delicate flowers like garden roses, lisianthus, peonies, or anemones in small containers that highlight the blooms over the stems.

4. Summer Blues from Coleen’s Flower Shop (Boston, MA)

ColeensFlowerShop Coleens Flower Shop arrangement. Photo: Courtesy

Blue tones in floral arrangements are extremely popular this season, from weddings to dinner parties. Pair blue stems with whites, greens, and yellows to give them maximum pop. Try using hydrangea, blue thistle, iris, or delphinium to put this look on your table.

5. Tropicals from San Diego Floral Design (San Diego, CA)

SDFloralDesign San Diego Floral Design arrangement. Photo: Courtesy

The tropical trend is as much about flower types as it is about colors. To use flowers to achieve this look, pair orchids or protea with more traditional flowers. For tropical colors, use soft pinks, soft oranges, bright greens, and whites. If you have space for a more structured bouquet, consider using birds of paradise or palm leaves.

6. Garden Vintage from Iron Violets Design Studio (Saint Paul, MN)

IronViolets Iron Violets flower arrangements. Photo: Courtesy

The garden vintage look uses soft, pastel colors in a typically asymmetrical arrangement. Garden-style arrangements resemble a wild flower patch on your table, so precision is not the most important element when styling. Use romantic flowers like roses and hydrangeas paired with more unstructured blooms like snapdragons, pea flowers, or Queen Anee’s lace.


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