Filming of “Outlander” Season 5 is nearly complete, and the team has already put together a rough cut of at least four episodes. Celebrity author Diana Gabaldon, on whose books the TV series is based, recently confirmed that she has seen the first four episodes of the show and she loves what she has seen so far.

Gabaldon has the habit of interacting with fans on social media. She is also on The Lit Forum, where she recently answered the questions of a few fans who are concerned about how the producers are going to adapt the lengthy book “Fiery Cross” into the TV format. The author confirmed that she has seen the first four episodes in “some stage of full assembly,” and she added that she has seen each one of them twice already.

How are the first four episodes? According to Gabaldon they are “actually looking really good.” However, the author pointed out that it is impossible to put everything from the book in the TV series. So, the producers have taken specific pieces from the book and turned it into a coherent story. They have taken some creative liberties in “Outlander” Season 5, but there are no “inventions” on a wild scale.

Replying to another fan, Gabaldon said that she has also read the script up to episode 8. The author shares her opinions about everything she sees with the producers, but not all of her suggestions are implemented. This time around, however, Gabaldon said that her notes were only about the factual things on the show that the fans probably would not even notice. On the whole, she seemed happy with what is being made.

The TV series is known for the pains the producers take in making sure that everything around the story is historically accurate. For the fans who are suffering from Droughtlander, Starz recently released a video of the prop store in the UK that also has things they are using in the new season.

"Outlander" season 5 premieres in 2020.

Outlander Diana Gabaldon has seen 4 episodes of "Outlander" Season 5. Outlander/Facebook