In a surprisingly gruesome incident, Mexican authorities had found a package on Friday that was meant to be sent to the United States that contained four human skulls inside, with its origins and intentions unclear at the moment.

The four human skulls were discovered inside a courier package, with the skulls wrapped around an aluminum foil and put inside a cardboard box as it awaited at Queretaro Intercontinental Airport in central Mexico to be transported to the U.S., according to Reuters.

It was discovered inside the airport by members of the Mexican National Guard, who have traced the origin of it to the western coastal state of Michoacan in transit toward the city of Manning, South Carolina in the United States, Fox News reported.

A special permit from a health authority is required for the transport of human remains from one place to another, which has reportedly not been acquired by whoever it is that sent the package out.

Information regarding the identities of the skulls or who they might belong to has yet to be revealed by authorities, although it is noted that the Michoacan state is one of the most violent areas in Mexico, with a large amount of cartel-related violence happening in the area. The investigation behind it continues, and no specific person or group has been linked to the remains.

The Michoacan state in Mexico is well-known for the drug-related violence happening in the area. The most prominent drug cartel in the area is the Familia Michoacana cartel, a notoriously violent gang that was recently sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department for trafficking fentanyl pills that allegedly were aimed at children, ABC News reported.

“Not only does this cartel traffic fentanyl, which claimed the lives of more than 108,000 Americans last year, it now markets ‘rainbow fentanyl’ as part of a deliberate effort to drive addiction amongst kids and young adults,” Brian E. Nelson, the undersecretary of Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said.

Mexican Human Skulls Rep. Pic
Four human skulls were found on Friday by Mexican authorities in a local airport, with the package reportedly addressed and expected to fly to the United States for yet-to-be-known reasons. This is a representational image. Chelms Varthoumlien/Unsplash.

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