Shakira flew in to witness the race at Silverstone and joined him for what looked to be a lavish celebration. Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Lewis Hamilton and Shakira partied together into the early hours of Monday morning, fueling speculation that they are dating.

With his third-place result in the British Grand Prix, Hamilton earned his 14th career podium at a local Formula 1 event.

Shakira, a Colombian diva who apparently flew in to witness the race at Silverstone, joined him for what looked to be a lavish celebration.

Since her split with former Barcelona star Gerard Pique last year, Shakira has been living alone.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton was keen to enjoy the night more though and stayed out clubbing until 6 a.m. before returning to his hotel. Photo by Kamran Jebreili - Pool/Getty Images

After their violent breakup, the singer wrote a song criticizing the World Cup winner, and their relationship deteriorated.

She has been getting closer to Hamilton and seems ready to leave the Spaniard behind. Shakira, according to The Sun, flew in just to see Hamilton on Sunday at the Northamptonshire track before going out in London to congratulate him on his podium result.

The pair partied till the early hours of the next morning at the well-known celebrity club Tape London.

Several other partygoers noticed them sitting together at a VIP table and having frequent conversations, Mirror reported.

Before leaving for home at approximately 3.30 a.m. Shakira would regularly get up from the table to dance.

But Hamilton wanted to savor the evening even more, so he partied until 6 a.m. before going back to his hotel.

The couple has already been seen together; Shakira also spent time at the Spanish and Miami Grand Prixes. After the race on Sunday, Hamilton had cause to rejoice.

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