“Straight Walk: A Supermodel’s Journey to Finding Her Truth” tells the riveting story of Latina actress and supermodel Patricia Velásquez. Written by Velásquez, the book narrates her rise from a poor neighborhood in Venezuela to the fashion runways of Milan, Paris, New York, and London. Besides discussing the actress’ tireless work to help lift her family out of poverty, the book focuses on her personal struggle, the years she spent feeling isolated, and hiding her true self from those she loved the most.

The book’s release marked Velásquez coming out story. Throughout its pages, the Venezuela native talks about her affair with comedian Sandra Bernhard, who was the first woman she ever dated “I was deeply in love with Sandra in a way I’d never experienced before.” In a recent interview, Velásquez mentioned that the intention behind her book is to encourage Latino parents to love and support their children whether they are gay, straight, or transgender “I want to at least start a dialogue. The tide is changing.”

The international model, who descends from mixed/native background, also mentions the struggles she faced as a teenager when she had to deal with the social stigmas that her community represented. Nowadays, the Venezuelan star can stand tall and say that those “Wayúu” features lead her to become the first Latina supermodel, and the first Hispanic woman to be featured on CoverGirl magazine

Patricia Velásquez with girlfriend Ileanna Simancas at the "Straight Walk" realease party.