Paulina Rubio Pregnant? Mom Susana Dosamentes Defends Daughter's Weight And New Redhead Look On Twitter

Paulina Rubio
Paulina Rubio is attacked for looking heavy and her mom defends her on Twitter. Twitter/Televisa

Susana Dosamantes, has come out to defend her daughter Paulina Rubio of all the attacks that she has been receiving for looking like she gained a couple pounds. The Twitter rants comes a day after "The X-Factor" judge presented her new fiery, red look.

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"People gain weight, lose weight, gain it, lose it, it is not that important," Dosamantes wrote on her Twitter account. "Say no to bullying or analyze why you are doing it, that is what is important to know."

The Mexican actress even fired back at gossip show "El Gordo y la Flaca" for allegedly manipulating the images they showed of Paulina, "Why do you inflate the pictures even more with Photoshop. Compared with the other pictures these look manipulated."

This previous tweet was address on-air with the host filling in for Raúl de Molina, Carlos Calderón saying, "it is a video, we can't manipulate it."

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Not only is Paulina being insulted for looking heavier, but rumors have begun that she could possibly be pregnant. When asked in the press conference last night at the unveiling of her new look, the "Casanova" singer did not reply to any of those questions despite the media's insistence.

In other tweets posted by Susana she also had this to say: "Someone please explain to me why do you have fun attacking others that work and have success? Is it because the ugly and lazy people have more time? How much energy is wasted in talking bad about others? When will you take care of your own life? OMG! If you have nothing good to say to people! It's better to be quiet!"

The negative remarks have not been answered by Ms. Rubio herself, limiting her Twitter action to her new do.

"I am the girl of fire...," the redhead wrote.

While "The X-Factor" has been extremely supportive and said, "We LOVE it!!! We're RED-Y for everyone to see how awesome you are on the show ;) xo XF"

What do you make of Paulina's apparent weight gain and Susana Dosamante's defense? Is she pregnant? Does it matter?

What do you think?

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