With Kobe Bryant’s untimely death, author Paulo Coelho deleted the draft of a children’s book he was working on with the basketball legend. “The Alchemist” author said that he has “lost reason” to continue the project after Sunday’s helicopter crash claimed the life of his co-writer.

Unknown to many, Paulo Coelho and Kobe Bryant collaborated to come up with a children’s book, the Brazilian author said on Monday, according to Daily Mail. Coelho revealed that they began discussing the project in 2016 after Bryant’s retirement from the NBA.

The two already started writing a few months ago. With Bryant’s death, however, Coelho no longer wants to finish the project without his collaborator.

“I deleted the draft because it didn't make any sense to publish without him,” Coelho told Daily Mail by phone. “It wouldn't add anything relevant to him or his family.”

However, the writer hinted that he might still be writing a book based on the things he learned during his interaction with Kobe Bryant. “That doesn't stop me from writing someday about things I learned from Kobe and how much of a larger-than-life person he was,” Coelho added. “But the children's book did not make sense anymore.”

The aim of the children’s book was to inspire underprivileged children through sports. “Kobe was always very concerned about making a book that was a positive example for children, especially those coming from humble beginnings,” the Brazilian writer said.

“I saw him enough times to assure he had much more than sports on his mind, it wasn't all about competition,” Coelho added. “His tragic death has shown already how he was important to the world, not only to the United States. We will discuss his legacy for many years, much beyond sport.”

The writer also announced his decision to delete the draft on social media. “You were more than a great player, dear Kobe Bryant,” Coelho posted on his Twitter account. “I learned a lot by interacting with you. Will delete the draft right now, this book has lost its reason.”

Many tried to persuade the writer in continuing the book even with Bryant’s death. “He would have wanted you to finish and release it,” Twitter user @ZameerKhAn08 wrote.

“Perhaps it would be a way to honour him if you still wrote it,” Twitter user @missdippidydo commented. “But only if you have the heart, will and desire to do it.”