The online gaming industry has become saturated with literally hundreds of gaming sites. There is a reason for this activity; gamblers flock to them. What bookies offer to the betting public matters and it matters in a big way. Not only does it matter to the public, but it also matters a great deal to the existing client base. The pay per head industry has taken over the online gaming industry and they have literally turned it on its ear.

What do pay per heads offer the bookie that garners such an appeal?

Bookies have an enormous job and for anyone that thinks being a bookie is some kind of cakewalk, they had better rethink their position.

●      The number one job the bookie must tackle and stay on top of is making the client feel comfortable in their own skin. We can liken a new online sportsbook to a new school, or to a blackjack table that has grown cold. Certainly, these two scenarios seem drastically separated from each other and many will ask how there can be any relationship whatsoever.

●      Think of a new sportsbook like this – Do you remember the first day of anything significant? Possibly it was a job, a school, university or a different city in which you had never been to. Gamblers often experience the same feeling in a strange online sportsbook. How you make them welcome will determine whether they stay or go.

●      The problem that clings to local bookies is indeed the fierce competition. It’s everywhere and it sits on the client's desk and in his pocket! You must be all things, all of the time. You can’t possibly be any of this without a white label pay per head on your side.

Pay Per Head’s: The real Story—

●     The pph sportsbook industry is an online service provided to the bookie through the use of cutting edge software. The providers are offshore in countries such as Costa Rica. As a matter of fact, Costa Rica easily has more pay per head providers then most other countries combined. The gaming commission is strict in Costa Rica and rules must be closely followed. In recent years, there has been much scrutiny concerning fly by night pay per heads that would open in an empty office building, employ a few people for a few months and run a scam. The commission has done a fantastic job of weeding these scammers out and more than a few folks have gone to prison and/or been deported.

●     Times have drastically changed concerning the pay per head industry at large. The best PPH providers have earned the trust of their clients and as a result, the bookies have a fantastic service to provide their betting clients.

Security is a Big Deal—

●      The pay per head providers realize how their business affects the bookies along with their gambling clients and they take internet security seriously. When looking for a great PPH, you must find one that comes with a fail-proof security system. You want your clients protected at all times and you certainly want yourself protected.

●      As an online bookie, you must be up and running 24/7. You can’t afford failures of any kind. The last thing you want to have happened is for the site to go down before a big event such as the Super Bowl, the World Series, the NBA Finals, the NCAA championship games, and for any event. Face it, this gig is difficult enough without technical problems or server issues. Find a PPH provider that comes with the best reputation for “up-time” and one that backs this up with a guarantee.

A Bookies Daily Duties—

●     The first and foremost item on the list for any bookie is the offering of the daily events. The bookie must be organized and offer a crisp and easy to read wagering menu that clearly separates the sports into categories, along with the daily posted odds. The biggest turnoff to clients is a wagering menu that’s difficult to read or one that is in disorder. A bookie must double-check their site daily to make sure that the readability of the site is in perfect order.

●     The second item on a bookies list will be the daily lines and odds. You must offer them, and you must be competitive. Many bookies feel they can simply beat the hassle by copying other online bookmakers or Las Vegas lines. We admit, there is some truth to this, however, you must be competitive, and a half a cent here and there can earn you valued and loyal clients. The number one reason that your betting clients will shop around is not that you aren’t offering a bonus or free play, it’s because your lines and odds might be skewed. You must keep them sharp for your protection as well as for client loyalty. Do not cut corners when it comes to lines and odds. You will pay dearly for this mistake.

●     Accepting wagers: This is a fulltime job in and of itself. Accepting wagers either in person or over the phone is a must and this will run you ragged. This is where the “nitty-gritty” of the everyday life of a bookie comes crashing home. We will say it again; a bookie's job is not easy. You have many duties and you must be available to accept wagers from your clients. This part of the job is what brings in the money and you need as many clients wagering as possible. You need everyone wagering, the cross-action is mandatory if you care about large profit margins.

●     Grading wagers/bet slips: Here we go again! You must stay on top of all wagers and you must grade them as quickly as possible after the event has ended. Your clients depend on this for one reason and it’s almost never about being paid – it’s about gambling on another event. Your clients have just beaten you and they want to play their winnings and try to beat you again. You need this, you want this, you must have this. You want your clients thinking they can beat you because, in the end, you will beat them. You need the cross-action that feeds you the juice from wagers. The juice is a large part of your income. Grade your clients bet as quickly as possible and you will see the reward on a daily basis.

●     Budgeting/finances: You know what your bankroll is, and you know how much you can afford to lose. Now you must set a budget and follow it. This is a difficult task and you had better have a great plan in place. You must write down everything. You can’t slack on one item of business. You must know where every dollar goes and when every dollar comes in. The PPH software accounts for every dollar, and you have the reports at the click of a mouse. You can finally take control of your budget, your player budgets (the gambling budget or game limit you set for each player) and you can know who is consistently beating you or losing to you.

●     It’s your job to keep the clients coming back and the only way to keep them coming back is to cater to their every need. You must offer the very best customer service. When they have a problem who can they talk to? With a state of the art pay per head, you will have an 800 number that’s accessible from the United States for both you and them.

Opening a PPH is easy—

●      Don’t confuse what a pay per head is. It is software that is provided to the bookie in order to manage the day-to-day operations of their online sportsbook, casino, and racebook.

●      The service is turnkey ready. All you need to do is call the PPH today and they will custom build your bookie website and have you online within a day. Your clients can literally be losing money in your online sportsbook and casino tomorrow!

●      The bookie and the client will have the exclusive use of a address. The bookie enters the client into the database with their personal information and a password… and it’s off to the races.

●      You and your client will decide on deposit methods and what is best for them and you. You may have a “settle up” day or a “settle up” amount. This will be totally between you and the client, however, the PPH will go out of their way in an effort to help you find the best deposit and payout solutions, give them a call and ask them for suggestions.

The pay per head industry has streamlined a one-stop shopping center for bookies. Bookies never used to have these kinds of choices, now the game has changed. The best PPH providers are offering a 4-week free trial. Try it before you decide, find out if this is for you.