Pedro Martinez has found himself in hot water. The Hall of Fame pitcher paid homage to the Cleveland Indians baseball team in an insensitive way that has caused a lot of backlash.

According to FOX News Latino, Martinez has put out an apology for his actions of disrespecting Native American culture.

After the Cleveland Indians eliminated the Boston Red Sox from the MLB playoffs in a three-game sweep, Martinez “honored” the American League Central Division champs in an insensitive and politically incorrect way that has caused major backlash.

Martinez is now a commentator for TBS. On the postgame show, he said that he wanted to pay tribute to the Indians for their performance, he then tapped his hand against his mouth and gestured the stereotype of a Native American war cry. His fellow co-hosts laughed at the gesture as they continued to talk about the win.

Adding salt to the wound, not only was the gesture disrespectful but also it happened to air on Columbus Day- the one holiday that is insulting to many Native Americans.

After taking multiple shots on social media for the gesture, Martinez went on Twitter a few hours later to apologize for his actions. His co-hosts have not apologized for laughing at the gesture.

“I send my apologies if I was misunderstood when I was trying to pay tribute to the Cleveland Indians on the TBS postgame show,” he wrote. “I was referring to my pitching years facing Cleveland. Nothing else. Again, my apologies.”

Martinez leaves behind a great legacy in baseball with winning two Cy Young Awards and one World Series in seven season with the Boston Red Sox.

The network has not spoken out about Martinez’s actions or stated if the Hall of Famer will suffer any consequences over the matter.