Kim Kardashian Perez Hilton
Kim Kardashian reacts to Perez Hilton movement to stop reporting about the Kardashian sisters for a week. E! Online/Getty Images

Apparently, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has had enough of the Kardashian sisters so he started a sort of movement called 'Kardashian Kleanse,' with which he is calling all fellow media to stop reporting about the K family for a whole week. The passive aggressive initiative sparked instant controversy, and by the look of Perez’s social media, he’s been reporting about nothing other than the gals in question. So yes, we’re as confused as you are with the initiative-turned-feud. Kardashian fans were obviously displeased by the idea and the attention it’s been getting so the Kardashians took action.

For starters, Kim unfollowed the blogger on Twitter, to which he reacted with a tweet saying, “Oh well. I do love the Kardashians, but Kleanses are part of a healthy diet!” Again, we’re very confused. Later the Kim’s team is asked fans to vote if they want Perez out of Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood Game after hearing their protests: “Do you love Perez Hilton, Yes or No you’d like to see him removed from the KKH game? Vote now.”

Perez Hilton’s initiative #NoKardashiansforaweek includes reporting about exes, husbands, kids, etc. We are guessing along with the media, Perez is calling for all readers to stop giving attention to any Kardashian story that surfaces. Will you be part of the movement or is it just plain stupid?

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