Peruvian government fired the vice minister of Agriculture, Eufrosina Santa María Rubio, after she was caught sunbathing during office hours while the north and center of the country fight against rains, floods and avalanches. 

Intense rains, overflowing rivers, mudslides and flooding are affecting more than half the nation in the worst meteorological phenomenon seen in two decades.

As the death toll hit 72, the now ex deputy minister of Development and Agrarian Infrastructure and Irrigation, was enjoying the sun in a private club in Lima - the capital and the largest city of Peru -  in the company of her official photographer and allegedly sentimental partner.

Due to the magnitude of the tragedy, ministers and their teams were deployed across the country to attend to emergencies, but during those terrible days, Santa Maria was also captured riding her bicycle and skating around her house. 

The images were released by "Panorama," a Peruvian Sunday television show broadcasted by Panamericana Televisión. 

The Ministry of Agriculture decided to fire Santa Maria through a resolution signed by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and the Minister of the sector, José Manuel Hernández.

According to Peru local media, the government has asked its prosecutors to investigate the case to determine if it is necessary to take legal action.

Unfortunately, the rains continue to fall in northern Peru. Since the beginning of the year there are more than 742,000 people affected.