Peruvian shamans performed an ancestral ritual on Wednesday to pray that the November elections in the U.S. may end peacefully. The shamans also had little agreement as to who between Donald Trump and Joe Biden would win.

Clad in colorful garb, the shamans chanted and played a traditional Andean shell instrument during the ritual, which they held in a low-lit room of an old building in downtown Lima. During the ritual, the shamans summoned Mother Earth, whom they call “Pachamama,” asking her to let the U.S. elections take place in peace and without violence.

Dressed in Andean ponchos and cloaks, the shamans rubbed medicinal plants, fruits, and a live snake on photos of Joe Biden and Donald Trump during the ritual and tried to predict who between the two presidential candidates would win in the upcoming elections. While some predicted it would be Joe Biden, some said Donald Trump would emerge victorious in the ballot.

With traditional necklaces wrapped around her neck, Shaman teacher Ana Maria Simeon revealed she was rooting for Biden. “That is why we are cleansing him,” she said. “We have seen that they are attacking him with witchcraft, with a black doll, with a voodoo doll they are shadowing to remove him,” she added.

Master shaman Pablo Torres, on the other hand, predicted Trump would win. “Good energies to Mr. Donald Trump,” he said while carrying a snake on one of his shoulders after squirting a fluid from his mouth onto the photo of Trump.

“Why? Because he is deserving, he needs good energies, good vibes from his followers,” he said. “We are supporters of the gentleman. He will win, he is a winner,” he added.

With two months left before the U.S. elections, former vice-president Joe Biden and Democratic nominee Joe Biden is polling ahead of Republican president Donald Trump in key states. As of Wednesday, Biden leads the incumbent president nationally by 9 percentage points, with 50 percent of American voters saying they’re casting their ballots for Biden while only 41 percent saying they’re doing the same for Trump.

"The ban on H-1B visas, which are often used to fill very niche positions that are not easily found in the American workforce, will ultimately prove to be counterproductive and is an example of using a nuclear bomb to address a bar fight," said Leon Fresco, a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Obama administration who now represents H-1B workers. Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

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