International superstar Pitbull has released his latest song "La Noche No Termina," and the tune drops a couple of interesting names. Just about halfway through the single you hear the beautiful Colombian Sofia Vergara gets a shout out from the "I Know You Want Me" singer. The song, which is sung entirely in Spanish, is an excellent reggaeton anthem with sold beats. Doing the entire song in Spanish is Pit's way of showering his loyal Latin American fans with some love. Sofia Vergara is a Colombian born actress whose rise in popularity is due to her role on "Modern Family."

"La Noche No Termina" is a three-minute and 38-second long song and is part of Pit's second Spanish language album which will be out in 2014. Also getting a shout out in
"La Noche No Termina" is United States President Barack Obama. Pitbull is no stranger to name dropping in his songs. Mr. 305 inadvertently started a feud with troubled actress Lindsay Lohan when he referred to her time in jail in his song "Give Me Everything." The line went, "So, I'm tiptoein, to keep flowin' I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan."

Pitbull attempted to make things right with Lohan by inviting her to the MTV Music Awards but the actress refused and decided to sue the singer. In February 2013 a judge threw out the lawsuit. Lyrics to the section of the track that mentions Sofia Vergara are, "Cuando hable con mi amigo, el dijo no pasa nada Esa mujer no .., (no se quien es) Pero la goza no para cuando sali para sala Estaba Sofia Vergara. "La Noche No Termina" is a fun party track that is sure to liven up your next affair. Listen Below!

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