The recent China Eastern plane crash in March that killed over 132 people may have been intentional, as U.S. officials investigating the matter found evidence that the pilot deliberately inputted information to the controls that caused the crash.

The unidentified person who is familiar with the preliminary assessment says that retracing the steps of the pilot from the black box of the plane caused them to wonder if the crash was intentional or if the cockpit had been hijacked by a passenger, according to the Daily Beast.

“The plane did what it was told to do by someone in the cockpit,” the insider source said.

The airplane crash is the first in China in a dozen years and the deadliest since 1994. The Civil Aviation Administration of China has been scrambling to investigate the cause of the crash, especially as it is China Eastern’s first crash in its 18 years of service, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The continued speculation of what could have caused the China Eastern plane crash that left no survivors continues as both the airline and manufacturer have found no fault in the machines that could have caused the crash.

Chinese authorities and Boeing, who manufactured the airplane that crashed, have not flagged any mechanical or flight-control problems with the airplane, and China Eastern had released a statement showing that the pilots’ health, family conditions, and financial situation were in good shape.

China Eastern has discouraged any active speculation about the cause of the crash, as they believe that any wrong ideas that may come up could undermine the public’s confidence in the airline and its planes, which have been returning to passenger service in the past few months.

“Any unofficial speculation may interfere with the accident investigation and affect the real progress of the global air transport industry,” China Eastern said.

The China Eastern Flight 5735 killed all of the passengers in its airplane, including a 17-year-old boy, six people who were traveling to a funeral, and an accountant who was about to marry his partner and start a new job with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

The March 2022 plane crash in China that killed over 132 people may have been intentional, as international authorities continue to sift through the black box data to find information on the causes of the crash. STR/Getty Images.

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