A recent update to beta testers for Niantic Labs "augmented reality" mobile app, "Pokémon Go," has fans breathing a bit easier when it comes to in-app purchases for the title. 

The publisher pushed a new update to beta users currently underway in Japan and Australia, and it includes a store that will allow players to purchase item upgrades and boosters to use in-game. So far, the store has items listed more towards upgrading storage, providing temporary boosts or decreasing wait time as opposed to purchasing premium items like Ultra Balls or Potions, reports Comicbook.com.

All items from the store can be purchased using PokéCoins, which can either be purchased using real money or collected in-game. Players are rewarded PokéCoins for logging into "Pokémon Go" daily. Beta testers also noted that some of the "Pokémon Go's" coding indicated that specific items could be purchased using real money, but those features have yet to appear in the beta testing.

Furthermore, the update also confirmed that Niantic is still working on the "Pokémon Go+," which is a small Bluetooth-enabled device players can wear to interact with "Pokémon Go" even when the app is not open on the smartphone. The small device will allow players to detect and catch wild Pokémon as well as receive items from different PokéStops. 

The company has yet to reveal a release date for "Pokémon Go," but a job listing on Niantic Labs seemingly confirmed a summer launch for the mobile game. The job posting is for a short-term marketing position needed between June through September. The position states that the job will only be needed "through launch," which implies it is related to "Pokémon Go."

"Pokémon Go" will be available for both iOS and Android devices. In the meantime, check out the official trailer below along with a few gameplay videos from beta testers.