With the 'Pokemon X and Y' games release approaching more and more news is being released. Well we've got some good and bad news for all the Pokemon fans out there. Friday, The Pokemon Company announced that the two companion apps that will allow transfers of older monsters into the new games won't be available for download until December 27. The news comes as a blow to anyone hoping to start the new game with their old Pokemon. 

The Pokemon Bank application will be downloadable from the 3DS eShop for free. When gamers open the app, they will be taken to an interface that will connect up to the save data of your copy of "Pokemon X" or "Pokemon Y." Gamers will be able to view and sort all of your captured Pokemon stored in the game and be able to upload them to the Internet to be held in a cloud storage system. Pokemon held in the bank will be available for re-download whenever you like. 

Users will be able to store up to 3,000 individual Pokemon. Although the app is free the catch is the Pokemon Bank is a paid service. Nintendo will offer a free 30-day trial to "Pokemon X and Y" owners before February 1, 2014. After that, all usage will have an annual subscription charge of $4.99.

There is another companion app for "Pokemon X and Y" called Poke Transporter. This is a separate app that you can download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop and this one will be totally free. The only catch is the Poke Transporter only works in connection with the Poke Bank. This is a simple utility app that lets gamers transfer over their Generation V Pokemon from "Pokemon Black, Black 2, White and White 2." This option is only a one-way transfer though so be careful and be sure you want this method. 

In addition only Pokemon can be transferred not items. If you transfer a Pokemon holding items the item will be dropped back into your inventory. 

"Pokemon X and Y" will be released worldwide October 12. 

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