'Pokemon X Y' News: Fairy Type Strengths And Weaknesses, Steel Changes, Plus New Type Chart Leak! [PHOTOS & ANALYSIS]

Pokemon X Y leaked type chart
The Pokemon X and Y news in this leaked type chart, which reveals new Fairy Type's strengths and weaknesses, shows that the metagame is about to change! Twitter @BulbaNewsNOW

The "Pokemon X and Y" news that we metagame-savvy trainers have been waiting for all year is finally here! With this game-changing (literally) leaked new type chart showcasing the hotly anticipated fairy type's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the shocking new changes that have been made to the viability of the erstwhile all-powerful steel type, we can safely say that this Pokemon X and Y news harkens a metagame that many of us who've been playing for years will hardly recognize. And for those of us excited to see if Sylveon will be viable at the OU level of play (unlike the disappointments that were Leafeon and Glaceon), well, this news should give us hope, even if the new "eevolution's" stats don't!

A "Pokemon X and Y" news day would be considered "filled-to-the-brim" with just one of these things, but with some of us (myself included) incredibly excited to give Fairy Type a whirl in addition to being tired of the stoic steel stalwart choices on each team, this could very well count as the best and most important news day we've had so far. Ever since the type chart was leaked on Twitter by @BulbaNewsNow, eager metagame players looking to sink their teeth into the next generation have been doing their part to make the story go viral. You may not speak Japanese (and that's okay, neither do most of us at Latin Times), so you may have trouble translating the new Fairy Type strengths and weaknesses, as well as the changes being made to the steel type. Fortunately, BulbaNewsNOW has the answers.

The "Pokemon X and Y" news that we need to talk about first is also the most glamorous: the fairy type strengths and weaknesses leaked in the new type chart. Those of us who've cried over our steel-types inability to serve as viable switch-ins to a Swords-Dance'd Outrage from any of the Dragon types know how frustrating it can be to see a team devised of pure strategy fall one-after-another to the most ham-fisted offensive of all time. This is especially true for those Dragons who are holding a berry that either cuts their ice resistance or helps them snap out of confusion. There goes your Dragon counter, and there goes your team. But fortunately for you, the most important thing to know about the new Fairy type strengths and weaknesses is that they are immune to Dragon. Not resistant, not doubly resistant -- completely immune. That means that when a Dragon is outraging, you can switch in and (we assume) set up a Calm Mind or two before destroying the opponent's team with that old-fashioned, new-fangled fairy charm.

But this "Pokemon X and Y" news is not without its negatives for the Fairy Type. Unfortunately for the metagame's cutest critters (hey, Sylveon, we hope you're viable!), thought Fairy's strengths remain metagame changing, its weaknesses pose some potential drawbacks for the type-- although, let's be clear, this could also rock: Fairy is weak to Steel and Poison type pokemon. The fact that Poison types are getting some love has been a decade in the making, and we hope the metagame throws poison fans out there a few bones. But who are we kidding? No one likes Poison types yet. Additionally, with the steel-type weakness, we could see Metagross's Meteor Mash becoming of the utmost importance. Curiously, Fairy's being resisted by Fire will be something to watch for. Fire typically has trouble on the switch-ins, so this may give your fiery friends something new to play with.

The last bit of "Pokemon X and Y" news, but certainly not the least, is that Steel has lost two pivotal resistances: Ghost Type and Dark Type. With Fairy Type strong against Dark (and Fighting, but who cares am i right?), Steel strong against Fairy, and Dark no longer weak to Steel, it's no doubt we'll see this become a switching game of rock-paper-safety scissors. Just remember to keep a Rapid Spinner handy-- especially during your first foray into the metagame. Happy Team Building!

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